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MAD service

Very soon a new service will be offered.

Mobile Agenda Database is the most expected service by anybody.

With MAD (Mobile Agenda Database) you can save very easy your mobile phone numbers, and to have access from anywhere in the world where internet exists. Your data is protected and never ever available for public.

Details about the service you can see inside. Just register, and login for more.

Tenants Administration (RO)

Tenants Administration will be a new service initially available just for romanians.

This service gives the oportunity to Administrator of tenants and tenants to interchange informations regarding bills, facilities consumption, statistics and calculation for long terms.

This service is an alternative to the old style service, and it has the aim to keep you informed with your monthly bills.

VSB (Vote & See the Beauty)

Vote and see the beauty is a gameplay where boys and girls will participate for beauty competition.

A very well implemented algorithm will show you the motivation why to use this service.

The participants to the game will be ranked, also the players will be ranked. Most ranked people will have some free facilities. Any of your activity will be appreciated and rewarded.

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Track Your Buddies

Welcome to TYB

Recording and having statistics for the entire activity in Yahoo Messenger using this messenger tracker is not just fun, but useful! Track your activity, make a poster with avatars, have your calculation for time spent and many many things more.

A lot of new features will be implemented for serving your desire. Enjoy registering now, and add anyone you want later! Your ideas will also be implemented here. Try to have the best interactive WEBsite ever dreamed. Features planned:
GPS Turist, YouPTV, The Little Merchant

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the service is temporary FREE!



Timisoara weather history

Date Temp Min deg.C Time Temp Max deg.C Time

Timisoara min/max temp last few years

Date Time Temp Min deg.C   Temp Max deg.C Time Date
2018-03-01 13:07:11 -18   34 00:00:00 2018-09-01
2017-01-02 18:41:10 -27   40 17:50:15 2017-08-05
2016-01-23 06:02:47 -13   36 18:41:26 2016-07-13
2014-12-30 09:22:02 -17   37 15:30:10 2015-07-08
2013-12-11 08:44:01 -8   35 16:29:14 2014-08-14
2012-12-13 08:22:02 -18   38 16:44:03 2013-07-29
2012-02-08 08:00:03 -23   38 18:00:01 2012-07-05